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Snag a Map!

Pick up a Bonaire Island Map to find an endless list of sandy beaches and cool coves to explore. Watch for bright yellow stone markers painted with site names along the coastal roads, which make it easy to find great beaches for soaking up the sun, taking a relaxing swim or snorkeling and diving.

bonaire map with beaches and activities
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Bonaire has over 22 beaches, each with its own unique characteristics. On Bonaire and its sister island Klein Bonaire, you’ll find both soft, white sand beaches and a few shores with darker sand due to the high content of crushed shells and coral.

The island’s beaches rely heavily on the health of its coral reefs, so do your part by taking your plastics and trash back with you, leaving the shells where they lie and wearing eco-friendly sunscreen. You can also volunteer during the island’s annual beach cleanups. Every little bit helps!

DolfijnGO Vakantie Bonaire De beste stranden Pink Beach
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1000 Steps

Atlantis Beach

Bachelor's Beach

Boka Kokolishi

Boka Slagbaai



Eden Beach

Flamingo Beach

Harbour Village Beach

No Name Beach

Pink Beach

Playa Benge

Playa Chikitu

Playa Frans

Playa Funchi

Playa Lechi

Playa Palu di Mangel

Seven Body Beach

Sorobon Beach

Te Amo